We are a collection of like-minded, and sometimes not so liked-minded, individuals who met at University and enjoy sharing our individual and collective experiences of culture, art, and technology.

The iheartplay moniker was originally the name of our graduate showcase, which was an event of significance for many of us and our peers, through which we could expose our ideas and creations to a critical audience. Not all of our work was about play in a gaming sense, but the work and the event/space involved elements of play in a cultural sense.

We continue here to look at play as a method for the generation of culture in everyday life.

Play is free, is in fact freedom.
Play is not “ordinary” or “real” life.
Play is distinct from “ordinary” life both as to locality and duration.
[ref: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homo_Ludens_(book)#Characteristics_of_play]