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Over the past few months 20 Dalston Lane has been transformed from a derelict shop into an urban food hub, a cafe and arts venue complete with mini aquaponic fish farms, rooftop chicken coops, indoor allotments and polytunnel. The project – FARM: Shop is the brainchild of Something & Son an urban agriculture centre based [...]

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Auto-illustrator by Adrian Ward

Signwave Auto-illustrator is a software artwork created by Arian Ward. At the Transmediale.01 festival for art and digital culture, Auto-illustrator was given what is considered to be the first award soley dedicated to software art. The artwork is currently being revived at an exhibition curated by Olga Goriunova (the curator of the software art repository [...]

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One Button Device

I am currently taking part in a workshop called the One Button Device workshop being held at SPACE in Mare Street. The workshop is convened by Openlab Workshops who specialise in workshops that introduce free and open source tools and technologies for artistic creation. This course involves working towards the creation of an artifact or device which is operated by one button only and will most likely (but does not necessarily) include the use of the open source hardware framework, Arduino. A small segement of the brief follows:

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